Disability Income

Life, Health and Variable Annuities Insurance Lines

When you’re healthy and working, it’s hard to imagine being disabled by illness or injury. But it can happen and it impacts thousands of families each year.

You need to think about what would happen if your stopped receiving an income due to sickness to injury, for months – or even years. The bills don’t stop coming and your savings could be depleted in no time.

We can’t rely on others sources of income such as Social Security to protect you. In many cases, they don’t apply — or aren’t enough to keep you and your family going. Plan ahead and let AIB do the ground work for you…then relax. We will source programs that:

Provide monthly income to help maintain your standard of living – Can be customized to fit your particular situation – Help you retain independence and dignity without burdening others – Help keep the financial dreams and goals you have built over the years.

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