Unemployment and retirement can be very similar. Neither guarantees a salary, and the majority of people are not prepared for unforeseen life events that can happen at any stage. This is particularly true in Latin America where the social security systems are completely out of step due to administrative and economic problems of their own.

Since the beginning of the century, people have been living longer. Recent statistics show that each generation has lived three years more than the previous one. In other words, an individual who turned 65 over the past 5 years, can live on average another 17.2 years. While this is just an average projection, many people are living until 80or 90 years of age.

AIB understands the dynamics of this market. We provide quality insurance programs, and work with insurance carriers who have designed life insurance programs specifically for overseas clients. Funds are invested in sound mutual funds which are in complete compliance with fiduciary and other requirements.

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