Group Health Insurance

Employee Benefit and Business Life

Business owners have been in search of affordable and quality benefits packages for years. AIB works with some of the e major health insurance carriers to provide your business with the best solution. We can help you source plans for groups with between x and x people. These programs allow you split the costs of premiums with your employees. And many of them have taken steps to simplify the process from application to administration. After all, you didn’t get into business so you could handle paperwork and worry about claims forms.

We provide solutions for virtually any group health requirement, with the most popular including managed programs such as PPO’s and HMO. Among group health insurance plans, managed care is typically the most affordable. Managed care organizations negotiate cost savings with networks of healthcare professionals, keeping premiums down for members. Some other options include:

Cafeteria Plans — Cafeteria plans let you create a benefits package without actually specifying the benefits. Instead, the plan offers a “menu” of benefits from which your employees can choose. The benefits are paid for with pre-tax dollars from your employee’s paychecks, saving them money. And that lowers your payroll taxes, too.

Health Savings Accounts — Health savings accounts (HSAs) are a new option. HSAs are tax-advantaged bank accounts that help your employees pay for their healthcare. As an employer, you have the option of helping to fund their accounts. To qualify for an HSA, an employee needs to be enrolled in a high deductible health plan — usually an individual PPO plan.

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